Dymo Black On White D1 19mm x 5.5m Polyester Adhesive Tape Cartridge (16960)

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    19mm x 5.5m
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      19mm x 5.5m

      About this product

      Genuine Dymo Black On White D1 Polyester Tape Cartridge 16960 (Dymo S0718070)

      The Genuine Dymo S0718070 D1 black on white polyester tape cartridge is a genuine Dymo 16960 tape that measures 19 millimetres by 5.5 metres. The D1 labelling tape is intended to produce black text on top of a white background. The S0718070 is incredibly durable and will survive even the harshest of environments, being resistant to the likes of tears, water and scratches.

      Strong bonding is ensured using a permanent adhesive, making it an ideal solution for customers seeking a product that is both reliable and long-lasting. Some labels, such as safety warnings, need to be as secure as possible, and it is for those tasks that this Dymo S0718070 D1 polyester tape cartridge is particularly well suited.

      An easily removable paper slip is provided with the Genuine Dymo black on white D1 S0718070 polyester tape cartridge, making it a simple task to quickly and easily position labels where they need to go on any flat and clean surface.

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