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A relative newcomer to the printing industry, having been founded in 1991, Lexmark has its headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, and specialises in making laser printers and imaging products that support businesses, government and public bodies across the world.

Bestselling Lexmark toner cartridges

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How to reset a Lexmark toner chip

  1. Switch off your printer.
  2. Turn the printer on while holding down the ”Ready” and “Return” buttons on the printer. This will place the printer in Diagnostics mode.
  3. On the printer’s screen, select “Maintenance Count”.
  4. Choose the option for “Reset”. This will reset the toner level monitoring on the cartridge to zero.
  5. Exit the printer’s Diagnostics Mode menu by pressing the “Return” button.
  6. Restart the printer so that it starts in normal printing mode.

Can you refill Lexmark toner cartridges?

Although it is physically possible to refill a Lexmark toner cartridge, it is not recommended that you do it yourself. This may result in poor quality printing and a lot of mess! However, Lexmark toners can be professionally remanufactured. This involves disassembling the cartridge and replacing any worn parts before reassembling and refilling the cartridge. Many cartridges labelled as “compatible” are in fact remanufactured. Choosing remanufactured cartridges will save you much effort versus buying original cartridges. It is also environmentally friendly as many parts, including the cartridge case can be reused.

How do I check the levels on a Lexmark toner?

Follow these steps to check how much toner you have left on your Lexmark printer. If your printer has a touch screen, touch “Status/Supplies”. Then select the supplies you want to check. If your Lexmark printer does not have a touch screen you can check the status of your cartridges using the Lexmark print software, or alternatively on a Windows machine by opening Control Panel, choosing “Printers”, then right-clicking on the icon for the printer you wish to check, and selecting “Printer properties”.