HP ink cartridges

Hewlett-Packard has been described as “the leading imaging and printing systems provider for printer hardware”. HP ink is relied upon by businesses, governments and home workers worldwide and is known for its ease and usability.

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Can HP ink dry out?

If ink cartridges are left in your printer for a long time they can eventually dry out. If cartridges are left in their sealed packaging they will be fine until the use-by date printed on the box.

Is HP Instant Ink worth it?

If you buy an HP ink cartridge every few months, Instant Ink could work out cheaper. However, once you’re tied to a subscription you pay the same amount, even if you don’t print your full allowance of pages. You also lose the ability to buy cost-saving compatible HP cartridges.

Can I use other ink in my HP printer?

Only cartridges designed specifically for your printer model can be used. These include both HP genuine cartridges and professionally remanufactured (refilled) HP compatible cartridges.

How long does an HP ink cartridge last?

The average yield for an HP ink cartridge is 350 A4 pages at 5% coverage. 5% coverage is around 15 lines of text in an 11 point font.

How do I check ink levels in my HP printer?

You can check your printer’s ink levels using the printer software installed on your computer. This is normally found under the printers or devices menu on your computer. If your HP printer has a built-in screen you can check ink levels and print out a supplies report.

Can I use my HP printer with only black ink?

For the printer to work, both the colour and black cartridges need to be installed. Even if you select to only print in black and white (grayscale) you still need to have all the cartridges in the printer.