Brother ink cartridges

This Japanese electronics brand started life in 1908, diversifying into printers in the late 1960s. Today, it’s one of the world leaders in the printing industry, using cutting-edge technology to create superior printers that are quick, reliable and offer great value.

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Where is the ink cartridge located in a Brother printer?

The ink cartridge in a Brother printer is located under a flap on the front right hand side of the printer. By opening the flap you will be able to access the individual ink cartridges.

Can I use generic ink in a Brother printer?

Yes, as long as the generic cartridge is compatible with your printer, it should work in the same way as a genuine Brother cartridge.

Why won't my Brother printer recognise the ink cartridge?

This could be caused by a faulty microchip on the cartridge, or from the contacts on the chip being dirty. You can try carefully cleaning the metal contacts with a pencil eraser to cure this issue. It could also be caused by replacing the cartridges while the printer is switched off.

What ink does a Brother printer use?

Brother printers use cartridges that are specifically designed for them. The cartridges contain both dye and pigment based inks formulated to give reliable and vivid printouts. Generic or "compatible" cartridges are also available for many Brother printers.