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Hewlett-Packard might be more famous for its inkjet printers, but it has a good reputation in the laser printer market too. Colour LaserJet printers use HP ColorSphere toner, which is usually available in black, cyan, magenta and yellow, and can be expensive if bought from a high street store.

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What is HP toner?

HP toner is a fine powder contained within HP toner cartridges. HP toner is specially designed to be used in HP laser printers. When printing, the toner powder is applied to the paper by a printing drum.

Why is HP toner so expensive?

When you are buying an HP toner cartridge you are not just paying for the cartridge, but the development of the technology behind the cartridge and printing technology. If you are looking to save money, cheaper alternatives, often referred to as “compatible” cartridges or “own-brand” cartridges are commonly available for most HP laser printers.

How do I know if my HP toner is original?

To verify your HP toner is original (also referred to as “genuine”) and not counterfeit there are a number of things you can do. All original HP toners feature a hologram on the packaging. HP original supplies also feature a QR code on the security seal. Go to HP anti-counterfeit to validate a code and check you have a genuine HP product.