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How does a label maker work?

Label makers work by using thermal transfer printing. Thermal printers use mini heating elements to activate pigments in chemically heated label tape. Thermal transfer label makers have less moving parts than inkjet printers so are easier to maintain. They also produce hard-wearing, and often water-resistant, labels for cold storage and harsh environments.

What is the best label printer?

Both Brother and Dymo make a range of handheld label printers suitable for almost all uses. Both consistently top lists of the best label printers. It is possible to buy a fully-featured label maker for £25 which will allow you to print labels featuring different fonts, underlining and bold text.

Why do label makers waste so much tape?

Due to the design of the tape feeding mechanism, an amount of tape has to go through the machine before it can begin printing the label. On some machines, such as Brother label printers, it is possible to reduce this amount by selecting “Small margin” from the “Cut option” menu. Brother label printers are set to “Large margin” as the default tape cutting option.