Dymo 18057 Black On White Heat Shrink Non adhesive Tubing 19mm x 1.5m (S0718330)

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    19mm x 1.5m
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    Page yield:
      19mm x 1.5m

      About this product

      Genuine Dymo Black on White Heat Shrink 18057 Tubing 19mmx1.5m (S0718330 Tape)

      Suitable for office, home or industrial use, the Genuine Dymo S0718330 black on white heat shrink 18057 tubing 19mmx1.5m (S0718330 Tape) is long-lasting, durable and dependable. It ensures that cables and wires are organised, bundled and identified in a seamless method. This Dymo S0718330 heat shrink black on white tubing also offers consistent results regardless of any adverse weather conditions, so you do not need to worry about frequently replacing your tags and labels.

      The non-adhesive solution ensures cleanliness, cutting out any hassle or extra work when you just need to apply labels quickly and efficiently. In order to use the Genuine Dymo 18057 black on white heat shrink tubing, avoid connecting the wires before applying the tape, and afterward use the heat gun to position the tape permanently as desired. For a wide range of cable diameters, the white polyolefin heat shrink tubes offer permanent clean markings so you will always be able to clearly read the label without having to apply a new one. With this product, you don£t have to worry about smears and smudges as its durable design ensures longevity.

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