Dymo 18432 Black On Yellow Vinyl Adhesive Labels 12mm x 5.5m (S0718450)

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    12mm x 5.5m
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    Page yield:
      12mm x 5.5m

      About this product

      Genuine Dymo 18432 Black on Yellow Vinyl Labels (Dymo S0718450 Labels)

      The Genuine S0718450 Dymo 18432 black on yellow vinyl labels are authentic tapes that have a measurement of 12 millimetres by 5.5 metres. These vinyl labels can be used for general labelling purposes on in extreme conditions, being resistant to chemicals, solvents moisture and UV. This means that these Genuine Dymo black on yellow vinyl labels can be used both indoors and outdoors being manufactured from vinyl (PVC) complete with a permanent adhesive made of acrylic.

      This thermal transfer print tech makes these yellow vinyl labels smear-proof and incredibly durable. These industrial Genuine Dymo 18432 vinyl labels have been designed to work on a wide array of different surfaces and are perfect for use with the likes of electrical panels, SS labelling, general ID, asset labelling and pipe marking. The split-back label is very easy to peel and is also free of halogens.

      These Genuine Dymo S0718450 black on yellow vinyl labels can mix strong chemical resistance, flexibility and a very tough adhesive into a tape that is ideal for wiring and cable applications and any other applications that need clear colour labels.

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