Modern anti-slavery statement - end of financial year 2017

Modern Slavery Statement 2017/2018


Cartridge Save recognises that modern day slavery and human trafficking are a worldwide issue and that the abolishment of slavery and trafficking is a global priority. Cartridge Save is committed to reducing the risk of slavery and human trafficking within its supply chain.


The purpose of this statement is to highlight the steps that Cartridge Save has taken in 2017 and set goals for 2018, to reduce the risk that slavery and human trafficking is present in Cartridge Saves operations or supply chain.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54 (1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our company's slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31/12/2017.

Our Business

Cartridge Save is an online printer supplies retailer, selling printer consumables to businesses and home users throughout the UK. We provide reliable product quality, excellent value for money and high customer services levels to all our consumers. Cartridge Save is registered and operated in Stockport, UK.

Internal Risk Management

Cartridge Save ensures that all our employees have a safe work environment which is free from discrimination, including: gender, race, religious, sexual orientation, disability, national origin and age. In conjunction with this, we comply with all UK legislation, including UK labour laws.


Key purchasing staff have completed training in modern slavery provided by the chartered institute of purchasing. This training covers methods of detection, applicable legislation and risk factors involved in slavery and human trafficking. Company wide training has also been offered through the internal company newsletter. This training highlighted what modern slavery is, Cartridge Saves policy on it and what procedures each employee should take if evidence of slavery is found in the workplace or supply chain.

Due Diligence In Our Supply Chain

Over the past two years, Cartridge Save has reviewed its internal structure to highlight where the main risks of slavery and human trafficking might be present. Using the global slavery index, we were able to identify the slavery risk level of our suppliers based on their geographical location. Our current supply chain consists of printer cartridge manufacturers, distributors and packaging manufacturers operating from a mixture of low, medium and high risk areas of the world.

From publishing and circulating a self-assessment questionnaire to our suppliers we were able to receive confirmation from all our suppliers that they complied with local slavery and human trafficking laws. This questionnaire also highlighted that the majority of our high risk suppliers frequently carried out regular site visits, document checks and audits of their own suppliers to check for violations in local slavery laws.

To ensure this continued support from our suppliers, to comply with local slavery laws, Cartridge Save has recently issued new supply contracts requiring our suppliers to not only comply with local human trafficking and slavery laws, but to also effectively manage this risk in their own supply chain.

Cartridge Save’s directors have also made site visits to some of our high risk suppliers. These site visits showed the workers operating in a clean and safe working environment and did not identify any concerns of slavery and human trafficking.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Cartridge Save does not tolerate any form of slavery and human trafficking.

If provided with strong evidence that one of our suppliers practices slavery or human trafficking, we will notify them of a 90 day deadline by which the supplier must provide strong evidence that the compliance issue has been resolved. At present we have not found any evidence of human trafficking and slavery in our supply chain.

Cartridge Save will never knowingly conduct business with organisations involved with human slavery or trafficking.

Moving Forward

In the financial year of 2018, Cartridge Save aims to:

  • Perform further site visits to medium or high risk suppliers.
  • Publish formal internal policies on Modern Slavery
  • Continue all existing slavery risk management measures (including supply contract provisions, zero tolerance policies, staff education and awareness, whistleblowing policy etc.)
  • At the end of 2018 we will review the success of our 2018 anti-slavery goals and set goals for 2019. By this process of improvement we will reduce the risk of slavery occuring in the Cartridge Save supply chain.