How we are working safely through COVID-19

In addition to supplying printer supplies to the government, local authorities and the NHS, we are more than aware there is an urgent need for ink, toner and printers for increased home working and home schooling.

We continue to operate our business as normal, and have rigorously followed H.M. government guidance to ensure the health of our customers, staff and suppliers. All products we send are from a clean environment, and our staff are following strict hygiene processes to achieve this. In addition to this, the following significant changes have been made within our organisation:

- Apart from the staff in our warehouse and one person in our call centre, all of our staff are 100% home-working.

- This has reduced staff density in our business by more than 75%. With fewer staff, the spare kitchens and other facilities have been allocated between the team members, to further increase social distancing and healthy working.

- We already have very low staff density within our warehouse. However, we've implemented a one-person-per-aisle rule for order picking and stock replenishment. This is unless staff can ensure at least a 4 metre separation (one at each end of an aisle, where both ends are open so their paths don't cross).

- Packing benches are being used in an alternate "zig-zag" formation to ensure large separation of packing staff

- We provide our staff with the correct PPE and desk cleaning equipment. Also, daily cleaning of frequent touch points (e.g. door handles, window sills etc), is being carried out.

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