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Sets of ink cartridges for HP Deskjet 1000 printer

Genuine High Capacity 2 x Black & 1 x Tri-Colour HP 301XL Ink Multipack - (2 x CH563EE & 1 x CH564EE)
  • Pack of 3 high capacity ink cartridges
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Best value Genuine

5.1p per page

For most cartridges this is based on 5% coverage on A4 paper. These numbers are based on manufacturer quoted values and are for comparison purposes only.

480 pages
480 pages
330 pages
High Capacity
1 £66.19 (£79.43 inc VAT)
2 £64.43 (£77.32 inc VAT)
3+ £63.77 (£76.52 inc VAT)
Prices includes FREE next-day delivery

Best value Genuine

5.1p per page

For most cartridges this is based on 5% coverage on A4 paper. These numbers are based on manufacturer quoted values and are for comparison purposes only.

480 pages
480 pages
330 pages
£66.19 (£79.43 inc VAT)

FREE next-day delivery

Multi-buy discount
2 £64.43 (£77.32 inc VAT)
3+ £63.77 (£76.52 inc VAT)

Black ink cartridges for HP Deskjet 1000 printer

Colour ink cartridges for HP Deskjet 1000 printer

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  • Which HP printer will take a 210GSM card for art production work and portray a good colour image? My current printer, an Epson, will not print anything in any colour if one of the inks is used up. For example, if I want to print out a letter in black and one of the coloured inks has been depleted I can't print the letter. I'm currently spending a lot on ink each week just printing from CDs and my current printer runs so slowly that I'm constantly sitting around waiting for my work to be reproduced. Could you recommend one of your printers that will do the job I require. If I order your inks how long do they take to be delivered?

    Ink usage on HP printers

    Unfortunately, we don't sell printers ourselves. We're only a printer cartridge supplier so we specialise in the consumables rather than the printers themselves. To find out which printer best fits your requirements please contact HP directly with the specifications that you need. Alternatively, you could ask a local printer specialist for help with this enquiry. Once you found a suitable printer we should be able to supply you with the ink at the cheapest rates. We can provide free next day delivery on all orders, unless otherwise stated.

    Answered by Paul Kielty (Staff Member) - almost 6 years ago
  • Good day, I have a HP 1000 printer and my black cartridge is finished but I still have colour left. However, my printer doesn't want to print anything. Can you maybe tell me if I need to replace both cartridges because one is finished?

    Replacing Deskjet 1000 black ink

    Yes, although you still have colour ink left, it's likely that your HP Deskjet 1000 printer will require that you have the black ink cartridge also installed with at least some remaining ink in order to print in any colour. If it's possible to override this setting this information will be outlined in your Deskjet 1000 printer manual. Otherwise you'll have to purchase a new black HP 301 or 301XL ink cartridge for your printer. You can continue to use the Deskjet 1000 colour cartridge as long as it has ink remaining inside it.

    Answered by Cheryl Stanley (Staff Member) - over 5 years ago
  • My friend in Venezuela needs four black cartridges for the HP 1000 Deskjet model. He said it needs 122XL cartridges. Do you have these or a replacement? If so, what's the price per cartridge?

    Ink for Deskjet 1000 printer

    Unfortunately, we only sell cartridges for use in a HP Deskjet 1000 printer that was purchased in the UK.

    Answered by Stacy Bass (Staff Member) - over 4 years ago
  • My HP Deskjet 1000 inkjet printer has 301 cartridges fitted. Can I use HP 301XL cartridges to obtain extra print life? Thanks, Melvyn.

    XL cartridges for the Deskjet 1000 printer

    Yes, your HP Deskjet 1000 printer is able to use either the standard capacity HP 301 ink cartridges or the high capacity HP 301XL ink cartridges so you can choose whichever capacity is most appropriate. For extra ink life we do recommend using the high capacity HP 301XL cartridges which will bring you the benefit of a cheaper cost-per-print.

    Answered by Daniel Kelman (Staff Member) - about 4 years ago
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HP Deskjet 1000 Printer Review

Expert review of the HP Deskjet 1000 printer

Our Verdict:

Doing the dirty work the HP Deskjet 1000 is a no thrills, affordable monochrome and colour printer. Who needs WiFi, tablet touchscreen and an ADF, when all you want is a single function printer that prints. Designed for the home user, the Deskjet 1000 is a tidy device at a bargain price.


With a grey gloss finish, the HP Deskjet 1000 - Internally known as the CH340B - stands at 421 x 210 x 122mm when it is folded into its "storage" position. When you are ready to print the paper tray unfolds from the front. There is no display screen, and the paper tray can hold 60 sheets at a time.


Despite its small price tag, print quality is impressive. The HP Deskjet 1000 can handle graphic rich documents as easy as plain text. Print speeds are also better than expected with plain text documents working out at around 10ppm, colour prints don't fare as well with the Deskjet 1000 maxing out at around 5ppm.


It is very difficult to find fault with this device, although it must be made clear that upon purchase no USB cable is provided. Another issue regarding the HP Deskjet 1000 is its lack of photo printing support, including no borderless printing and generally poor connectivity. If you're on a small budget and need a basic printer then the Deskjet 1000 is more than adequate. However, if you're willing to pay a little bit more, you'll get the added benefits of a copier and scanner.