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REMEMBER... all third-party printer cartridges are NOT the same!

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Lexmark is a global brand offering printing solutions that are innovative, affordable and environmentally friendly. We have a wide range of cheap inkjet cartridges for Lexmark printers including both original Lexmark ink cartridges, return program print cartridges and our own branded premium brand cartridges for use in Lexmark printers. Every Lexmark ink cartridge we sell is delivered free of charge and has a money back guarantee to ensure high performance. To find out which ink cartridges are compatible with your Lexmark All-in-One, Inkjet and Photo printers please use the wizard on this page to look up your model number and we’ll ensure that you’re buying the correct Lexmark ink for your printer.

Bestselling Lexmark ink cartridges

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How do I check Lexmark printer ink levels?

For Windows users, go to Start > Devices and Printers. Then right click on your printer's icon and select "Printer Properties" and then choose "Preferences". You should then be able to see the ink levels remaining in your Lexmark printer.

Does Lexmark still make inkjet printers?

No, Lexmark announced in 2012 that it will stop the production of inkjet printers and focus solely on laser printers.

Where is Lexmark manufactured?

Lexmark has manufacturing plants in the USA, Switzerland, France, Mexico and the Philippines. Lexmark laser printers are manufactured in China.