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Sets of ink cartridges for Lexmark P4350 printer

Genuine High Capacity Black & Tri-Colour Lexmark 34 / 35 Ink Multipack (18C0034 & 18C0035)
  • Multipack saving: £3.84

    Compared to buying these separately

  • Pack of 2 high capacity ink cartridges
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Best value Genuine

5.9p per page

For most cartridges this is based on 5% coverage on A4 paper. These numbers are based on manufacturer quoted values and are for comparison purposes only.

550 pages
500 pages
High Capacity
1 £61.69 (£74.03 inc VAT)
2 £59.86 (£71.83 inc VAT)
3+ £59.21 (£71.05 inc VAT)
Prices includes FREE next-day delivery

Best value Genuine

5.9p per page

For most cartridges this is based on 5% coverage on A4 paper. These numbers are based on manufacturer quoted values and are for comparison purposes only.

550 pages
500 pages
£61.69 (£74.03 inc VAT)

FREE next-day delivery

Multi-buy discount
2 £59.86 (£71.83 inc VAT)
3+ £59.21 (£71.05 inc VAT)

Black ink cartridges for Lexmark P4350 printer

Colour ink cartridges for Lexmark P4350 printer

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  • Do you accept PayPal payments for Lexmark P4350 ink cartridges?

    Paying with PayPal

    We do accept payments via Paypal, you will need to send your payment to esales@cartridgesave.co.uk. Once you have sent your payment, make a note of the payment reference then place your order online at Cartridge Save. When you reach the payment details on our order page you will need to change the payment method from Credit/Debit Card to Credit Account using the drop down. Enter your PayPal payment reference in the PO Number box that opens up, then place order. Your order will be shipped once the payment has arrived in our PayPal account.

    Answered by Vicky Lush (Staff Member) - about 7 years ago
  • My Lexmark P4350 printer asks for a new colour cartridge even when I have put a brand new Lexmark product in. The black cartridge bought at the same time is fine. Any solutions please?

    Lexmark P4350 colour ink not recognised

    You can perform a cold reset on your printer which should clear the error message that you are seeing. Please switch off your printer at the mains and leave turned off for five minutes. Whilst you printer is resetting remove the cartridge that is causing the issue and carefully wipe the chip or any contact on the cartridge with a dry lint free cloth. After five minutes switch your printer back on and wait for it to fully reboot before reinstalling the cartridge and trying to print. This should rectify the problem.

    If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

    Answered by Claire Smith (Staff Member) - over 6 years ago
  • My wife just purchased two genuine Lexmark ink cartridges from our local store for our P4350 printer. One a double pack of 34XL black, which I would prefer to use, and the other a 32 black. On opening the printer I note that the original is a Lexmark 32 cartridge. Before I open either of the packs, can you confirm they will both work satisfactorily in our printer? Both do state they are suitable for the P4300 series.

    P4350 printer cartridge compatibility

    The Lexmark 34XL is a high capacity black cartridge for the P4350 printer and the Lexmark 32 is a standard capacity cartridge for the P4350. We list both of these items as being compatible with the Lexmark P4350 All-in-One printer so they should be compatible with your machine. Obviously, we cannot guarantee the quality of the cartridges you purchased from another retailer.

    Answered by Ben Townsend (Staff Member) - over 5 years ago
  • What's the difference between the Lexmark 32 and 34 cartridges or the Lexmark 33 and 35 cartridges please?

    Difference between Lexmark P4350 cartridges

    The Lexmark P4350 Photo Perfection All-in-One printer can use light-user cartridges or high capacity cartridges. Therefore, you can use either a Lexmark 32 light-user black or a Lexmark 34 high capacity black depending on how much ink you require. The same applies for colour with the Lexmark 33 being the light-user colour cartridge and the Lexmark 35 as the high capacity colour cartridge. The only difference between cartridges of the same colour will be the volume of ink you get in each cartridge.

    Answered by Natalie Eaton (Staff Member) - about 5 years ago
  • Can you ship (any manner) to me in St. Kitts, West Indies? I will be ordering 2 x 2-cartridge packs of the Lexmark 34 and 35 cartridges.

    Delivery of Lexmark P4350 cartridges

    Sorry, we only dispatch orders within the UK.

    Answered by Nichola Ansbro (Staff Member) - over 4 years ago
  • l've misplaced my cartridges and l don't know the correct numbers to use for the Lexmark P4350 printer?

    Lexmark P4350 print cartridges

    Any of the cartridges listed on this page are compatible with the Lexmark P4350 printer. The black cartridges are Lexmark No.32 (light-user) and No.34 (high capacity). The tri-colour cartridges are Lexmark No.33 (light-user) and No. 35 (high capacity). As long as you have one black and one tri-colour cartridge installed you should be able to use any combination of these cartridges. An optional photo colour Lexmark 31 cartridge can also be used in the black ink slot for photo printing tasks.

    Answered by Stacey Cullen (Staff Member) - over 4 years ago
  • Which ink number out of 31, 32 33, 34 and 35 is best to put in each slot of the Lexmark P4350 printer for the best results? Regards, Harry.

    Choosing the best P4350 ink cartridges

    Any of the cartridges listed on this page including Lexmark 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35 will work reliably in the Lexmark P4350 printer, provided that you have the cartridges installed within the correct colour slots. The normal setup is to have one black and one tri-colour cartridge installled in the P4350 but you can also install the Lexmark 31 optional photo colour cartridge in the black ink slot in place of the black cartridge so that it can work alongside your colour cartridge to print better quality photos. The only difference between the two blacks (32 and 34) or the two colours (33 and 35) is the capacity of ink they contain, the ink quality / type is exactly the same. We also sell premium brand compatible Lexmark P4350 high capacity cartridges which are just cheaper versions of the Lexmark branded cartridges.

    Answered by Stacy Bass (Staff Member) - over 3 years ago
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Lexmark P4350 Printer Review

Expert review of the Lexmark P4350 printer

Our Verdict:

As a starter investment, the Lexmark P4350 is a good entry-level device aimed at amateur photographers and home users that require more than just a colour printer for their creative endeavours. However, it needs more improvement in overall graphics and scan quality, and so discerning photo enthusiasts may be better off investing on a pricier but high quality multifunction photo printer from a competitor.


The Lexmark P4350 multifunction printer boasts a sleeker appearance than its siblings because of the gradient shade that highlights the control panel and centre of the frame. There is a flatbed CIS scanner on top that can scan in high resolutions at up to 19200x19200dpi. The rear is home to a 100-sheet paper input tray and a high-speed USB 2.0-compatible port for PC connection. The PictBridge port and 4 memory card readers are in the front panel of the Lexmark P4350.


The Lexmark P4350 is praised for its low initial cost and the presence of PictBridge and memory card readers. The P4350 by Lexmark is very user-friendly and compact, making it good for personal use and a small office. Photo prints look good when they come out of the Lexmark P-4350 printer, especially when they are printed on special media. The LCD is good for previewing images from memory cards before printing them.


Photo quality is not top notch and the scanner of the P4350 produces mediocre output. If users want true black text printouts, they need to change the ink cartridges and integrate the optional black ink, which can be a tricky and time-consuming process. The Lexmark P4350 lacks an actual fax machine; users must connect it to a PC to transmit faxes.