30 Mesmerising Pictures of Footprints in the Sand

Image: Joshua Davis

In need of a little escapism? I thought so. Summer’s all but disappeared and winter’s fast approaching. Whether you’re slaving away at the office or aimlessly surfing at home, take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and feast your eyes on this selection of sun-splashed images.

Allow your mind to wander and drift into a state of relaxation. Think of summers past and future. Footprints on a deserted beach might be the ultimate photographic cliché, but who cares? A bit of cheese never hurt anyone. Go on – indulge yourself!

Image: Alexbip

Image: John Spooner

Image: neeravbhatt

Image: Marky Bon

Image: Paleontour

Image: vivazeddie!

Image: Vu Bui

Image: ambrown

Image: Dan Taylor

Image: Paleontour

Image: Tori Mercedes

Image: World Resources Institute Staff

Image: Lyot

Image: Malu Green!

Image: jacashgone

Image: eqqman

Image: DOSTA

Image: lopolis

Image: Seryo

Image: VancityAllie

Image: Ash Lourey

Image: shoothead

Image: lotus8

Image: Kris Taeleman

Image: theakshay

Image: catbagan

Image: nadinebernardo

Image: iamhenry

Image: Ben Werdmuller

Image: Aquila