Gadget Craziness will See a Soar in Electricity Consumption

New gadgets are rolled out everyday and each does something extra, something that can ignite the wishlist of a normal consumer and can soon be a part of his/her gadget repository. Has anyone wondered the implications of adding on newer gadgets without fading out an equal proportion? Energy sector is taking a hit with an exponential rise in power consumption, and this directly impedes the efforts made by eco-friendly groups.

A report by Energy Savings Trust (EST) shows that 25% of the total electricity consumed is by the gadgets that includes TVs, computers, printers, gaming systems and the list goes on. The projection is that the number will soar to 45% by the end of 2020. This converts to 1000KWh per household in today’s world to 1700KWh in 2020.

On an average, the above numbers could see the electricity bills raising by at least £100 every year.

This trend is not just limited to UK but spreads around the globe. International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that the usage could double by 2022 and triple by 2030. Just imagine the expansion that needs to take place in the power sector and the effect it has on the environment.

Nobuo Tanaka, IEA director, feels that the law of the land should limit the number of electronic gadgets in order to sustain the growing power demand. “Despite anticipated improvements in the efficiency of electronic devices, these savings are likely to be overshadowed by the rising demand for technology.”

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